Tibet Autonomous Region launches "personal information protection day" theme event

Tibet Autonomous Region launches "personal information protection day" theme event

  With the rapid development of mobile Internet and big data, people are more convenient to achieve great life, and the risk and impact of personal information leakage is getting bigger.

In order to effectively improve the awareness of personal information security protection, safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, better enjoy the convenience of online life, on October 17, the party committee network office, district public security department, District Women’s Federation, District Classics The Communications and District Communications Administration jointly launched the "Personal Information Protection Day" theme activity. According to reports, this event aims to popularize network security knowledge, enhance the network security awareness and protection skills of the majority of employees, and guide the main body of the network society to build a network security line and build a clear network space. At the event, the staff organized everyone to watch the "Personal Information Protection Day" theme propaganda film and distributed network security knowledge manuals to them.

Labor model representatives, employee representatives, and women’s representatives issued an initiative to participate in the participants, calling on everyone to strengthen risk awareness, bottom line thinking, actively learn network confidentiality and safety protection knowledge, adhere to the scientific and safe and healthy use of network, comply with network civilization, and strive to develop Civilized Internet access, consciously maintaining a good quality of network security. "By participating in this event, I deeply realize that the Internet is not a legal place. In the face of the current complicated and severe network security situation, we must always keep the mind clear, carefully learn related knowledge, fully understand and master common network security incidents Techniques and protective measures, continuously strengthen personal information protection awareness, create a civilized network in the work and life, and use the good atmosphere of network according to law.

"Event participants Central Zhen told reporters. The relevant person in charge of the Tibet Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions said that this event further enhanced people’s network security awareness and self-protection capabilities, so that they have more understanding of network security knowledge." Step by step, we will continue to carry out such activities to help the majority of employees to establish the correct network security concept, enhance their ability to prevent non-performing websites, network fraud, and personal information protection, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of employees’ network information, Our network is safe to build a defense line.

"The person in charge said.

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