Shanxi: 500 million yuan coupon, arranged!

Shanxi: 500 million yuan coupon, arranged!

People’s Network Taiyuan on July 8 (Sang Liyuan) "to promote the resumption of business service industry, Shanxi has arranged 500 million yuan coupons, through payment platform, focusing on catering accommodation, cultural and tourism, etc. Today, at the press conference held in the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office, the second-level inspector Tian Baomin, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce.

In order to implement Shanxi, "Some Measures on Accelerating Service Industry", Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce actively responds, puts forward the ‘235’ working model, and carry out two "excitation consumption vitality" activities, build three "consumption platform", advancement The five aspects "support business service industry" development.

According to reports, two "stimulating consumption activities" activities were carried out. Including the distribution of electronic coupons and hosting a series of consumer promotions. Among them, the amount of consumer coupons arranged a total of 500 million yuan. Through the payment platform, the consumer coupon will be issued to the province to the province for catering accommodation, entertainment and tourism. At the same time, the "Policy + Event" is a double-wheel drive, surrounding shopping, tourism, culture, and food organizations to promote consumption activities throughout many important holidays, promote online online full-scene layout, full-time status linkage, full channel resonance, implementation Thousands of stores participate in the topic, Zhou Zhou has a topic, the moon has activities, stimulating the enthusiasm of consumption, speeding up the consumption recovery and potential release.

Create three "consumer platforms". Including the construction of special commercial blocks and pedestrian blocks.

Carry out special business streets, pedestrian reconstruction and improvement activities, support the creation of national, provincial-level special business streets, pedestrian sector renovation promotion pilots. The annual business has reached a certain amount, and the number of employment has reached a certain number of special commercial streets, walking neighborhoods, and gives funds.

Developed the first store economy, in 2020, the world’s first store, China (Mainland) first store, North China first store, Shanxi first store, select the best to give funds; commercial complex and block operators successfully introduced international first-line brands The first store has signed more than 3 years to settlement agreement, and the first-line brand first store introduced by the international first-line brand is given a certain fund reward.

Develop "Night Economics". Keep a close collection of major business districts and special business streets and culture, tourism leisure, etc. Consumer scenes and Wenbao consumption gathering area, active night business and market. Five aspects "support business service industry" development.

First, support the development of dining innovation. Catering companies that are headquartered in Shanxi, the central kitchen or distribution center, the total construction area and total investment have reached a certain standard, and give a subsidy. The second is to support the dining festival. Supporting the epidemic to hold popularity, specialization, and international food festival activities, give a certain proportion of fund subsidies for the cost of the festival for prior report and the consent of the business sector.

The third is to support brand chain convenience store development.

Encourage convenience stores to implement brand-based, chain, intelligent development, reach a certain number of convenience store headquarters on direct or franchise stores, and will give funds to fund rewards. The fourth is to support e-commerce companies to expand sales.

The retail sales of physical commodities reached a certain amount, and the network retail sales account for no less than 50% of the total sales of the sales, and the reward is given by 5% of the retail sales part of its real commodity network. The fifth is to promote the green development of trade service industry, give reward for renewable resource recycling enterprises integrating recycling points, sorting centers, distribution markets, storage and transportation, and information platforms; rewards for enterprises selection through national green shopping malls in 2020. (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Chang Huizhong).