Tibet Lhasa City Education System Open Recruitment Interview

Tibet Lhasa City Education System Open Recruitment Interview

  Teacher training site.

The picture is provided by the Lhasa Municipal Education Bureau to further enrich the teacher’s team, improve the teacher structure, recently, according to the Tibet Autonomous Region Education Department "2021 Education System Open Recruitment Announcement", Lhasa City Education Bureau strictly follows the recruitment work procedures Carry out the public recruitment of college graduates, and the masters of teachers. It is understood that in accordance with the overall arrangement of the teacher’s interview with the Tibet Autonomous Region Education System, in order to further do a good job in the interview work of the Municipal Education System Teacher in Lhasa, the Lhasa Municipal Education Bureau has formulated "2021 Lhasa City Education System Open Recruitment Teacher Post written test qualified personnel interview work Program "" Examination Guide "" 2021 Lhasa City Education System Public Recruitment Emergency Project ", the emergency project of college graduates work, and coordinates the arrangement of deployment of examination work. At the same time, take the training in the process of training, conducting the training training training in Lhasa City, and made a clear requirement for interview examiners, examination staff, etc., ensuring fair and fair in the interview, and normal development.

  This time, the Lhasa City Education System openly recruited 347 graduates in colleges and universities, and 347 postgraduate posts, including 38 master students.

Actually participate in 328 interviews, including 33 master students.

After the examiner’s strict, cautious, meticulous assessment, 294 college graduates discuss all the qualifications, postgraduate and above academic qualifications, 38 postgraduate schools, according to candidates interview, minimum control score determination 14 people hired, 16 people were adjusted. After the interview work, the Lhasa City Education Bureau conducts summary feedback on interview work, laying a good foundation for the future interview.

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