Since this year, Guangzhou investigated 3 housing companies and 20 intermediaries

Since this year, Guangzhou investigated 3 housing companies and 20 intermediaries

  Xinhuanet Guangzhou August 31 (Li Qingzhao) On August 30 The meeting reported that Guangzhou has been investigated for three real estate companies and 20 intermediaries and 1 employee violations.

  The meeting also notified the new situation, new issues, new issues, and special rectification of the Guangzhou real estate market since this year.

  Since this year, Guangzhou City has carried out 1087 real estate markets, inspected 1135 times in sales, 2447 intermediary stores, and Talk about 123 development enterprises found in the inspection, 71 intermediaries, and issued a total of sharing The illegal notice of the illegal acts is 168 copies and 15 "warning letters". The meeting emphasized that Guangzhou will continue to carry out the rectification of the focus of the people, in accordance with national, provincial, municipal requirements, key investigation and punishment real estate development enterprises not in accordance with regulatory regulatory regulatory regulatory accounts into the supervision account, will have mortgage rights Commercial housing sales to others before the mortgage, the real estate intermediary has released the illegal violations of false listings and hyperactivity districts, credit funds violations into the property market, and the real estate development enterprises of illegal violations, real estate intermediaries, etc. according to law Strict investigation.

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That Qu Ni District in-depth promotes the creation of national unity and improvement model districts

That Qu Ni District in-depth promotes the creation of national unity and improvement model districts

  Tucalyptu Yucai District is the transportation hub of the political, economic, cultural center and Tibet of Tibet, with an average of 4527 meters altitude, living in Tibetan, Han, Hui, Uighurs, Mongolian and other nationalities. In recent years, the Ni Di’s comprehensive implementation of the General Secretary of the Trinity, "Strengthening the National Unity, Building a Beautiful Tibet" and "Building Tibet Become a Model of Tibet as a Model", etc., and creates the national national unity and progressive area as promoting social progress. Powerful starting, dedicated to the consciousness of the Chinese national community of all ethnic groups in Ren Yini, paying close attention to the construction of various carriers, and continuously improve the creation level, so that the flowers of the national unity are more and more beautiful, surging everywhere. Movitive images of united struggle with all ethnic groups and common prosperity. During the creation of the national united progressive demonstration zone, the Yini District Committee and the District Government Leaders have attached great importance to the national unity and creation, and set up a leading group in time to formulate a work program.

Organize the Learning Conference of the District Committee ‘s Theory Center to study the laws and regulations of the national unity, and lay a solid organizational basis for the national unity and creation of the Niki District.

  The Di Ni area has provided detailed materials for the national theoretical policies of the "Collection of National Unity and Learning Materials Materials", and all departments in the Di Ni, which provide a detailed material for all levels and departments. Unite promotion poster, distributed to the household, and rely on the "March Legal Promotion Month" "June Legal Publicity Week" "August Traditional Horse Horse" "September National Unity Progress Promotion Activity Month" and other nodes, through WeChat public account, outdoor Billboard, postparts, etc. It is issued by more than 40,000 kinds of brochures, so that the masses will maintain national unity and consciousness, enhance the thoughts of "everyone to establish national unity, everyone understands national policies, everyone talks about national unity, everyone The national unity concept of all national unity has enabled the people to hug together like pomegranate seeds. In terms of specific practice, the Ni Ni District combines the national unity and improvement, and created a group of national, autonomous region, municipal national unity and progressive demonstration units, realizing the demonstration unit as leading, promoting all ethnic people. , Common learning, work, and music, forming people consciously safeguarding national unity, everyone is striving for national unity modeling social atmosphere. The Di Ni District conscientiously implemented the various decision-making deputies to promote national unity, and widely launched national united advanced model collectives and personal commendation activities. Since 2012, a total of 1 national united advanced model individual, 11 people in autonomous regions, 13 municipal levels, 140 counties; 4 models of national unity model collective autonomous regions, 10 municipal levels, 80 county levels. Especially in 2019, the Ni Ni is commended a total of 10 model collectives and 15 model individuals, and 3 models and 4 model individuals are recommended. Jinmeijiang Village as a model individual was commended by the State Council, and the Ni Ni is commended by the model collective by the autonomous region. Today, everyone has formed a strong atmosphere of the unity of advanced national unity. Li Dong, secretary of the Di Ni District Party Committee, is full of confidence: "In the strong leadership of Naqu City and the joint efforts of the Yini District, all departments, we will unify thinking, raise awareness, and increase publicity. Strive to complete all the work in the National Unity Progressive Model Area of ??Tibet Autonomous Region, contribute to the Changzhi and high-quality development of the Queen Region.

"(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.

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Triumpow People’s Spring Festival returning to the first wave of concentrated quarantine nearly 600 people reservation

Triumpow People’s Spring Festival returning to the first wave of concentrated quarantine nearly 600 people reservation

The Popular Epidemic Command Center of the Taiwan Administration announced three Spring Festival quarantine programs yesterday. Nowadays, people have concentrated quarantine, and the anti-epidemic taxi also can’t grab the people, and the people complain.

Hou You, Hou You, said yesterday, the Taiwan authorities constantly adjust the pace, remember to do it is to do, you must listen to the local voice, otherwise repeatedly adjust the pace, if the first line is unable to implement, the last harm is still the people in the island.

The Command Center opened a centralized quarantine appointment yesterday, and the website is reserved. The website is the website, waiting for the Korean drama "squid game" image, many people think about this "smart thinking" but I don’t know why I go home. difficult. The Spring Festival entry quarantine project has three types of isolation programs, 7 + 7 ", which is the highest risk of epidemic prevention, and the answer is 14 days in the overturgic hotel, the group of quarantined at home .

Chen Xiuxi, a professor of Taiwan University Galaxy, and General Hospital, said that passengers and family members have been completely vaccinated by 14 days to choose "7 + 7", focusing on preventing and detecting breakthrough infections. Breakthrough infections from one to November one to November, 2% of Jiansheng, BNT account for%, and Modener%. Taiwan’s eight to November, the breakthrough infection is also almost, but the full vaccination is faster, even if the infection, the amount of viral decreases is faster, the infectivity is low, and the quick screen is effective. "7 + 7" new system A case of invisible cases. The command center spokesman Zhuang Xiangxiang said that the Spring Festival program only applies to February 14th to February 5 next year, only open "7 + 7" programs in the concentrated quarantine, and one person, open seven thousand two hundred centralized quarantine reservations Up to last night, 583 people have completed an appointment.

If "10 + 4" or "14 + 0" can only select an epidemic property. The public reflects that the predetermined check-in is concentrated in other counties and cities, and Zhuang Xiang pointed out that epidemic prevention taxi transportation costs should be self-funded.

However, the people returned to Taiwan may not be able to connect to the anti-epidemic taxi, and the road is statistics, as of 15 days, the epidemic prevention commission has a total of 2245 vehicles, and there are more than 1,462 vehicles, and there are still more than 1438 vehicles. But there are only 30 vehicles; the New North City is about 250 vehicles, and there is only 25 vehicles. Article Source: Joint News Network Editor: Zuo Qiuzi.

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Shigatse City Public Security Bureau carries out anti-drug knowledge special lectures

Shigatse City Public Security Bureau carries out anti-drug knowledge special lectures

  The picture shows the anti-drug detachment anti-drug investigation brigade Nimazi to lect out for customs a private police. This newspaper reporter Zhang Yu photo is to implement the spirit of the national and district anti-drug work conferences, and effectively improve the law enforcement and level of customs and private police, in-depth promotion of "net side 2021" special action, continue to deepen drugs and poisoning items smuggling into the country On the afternoon of September 28, the Shigati City Public Security Bureau Anti-drug detachment jointly launched anti-drug knowledge special lectures, inviting the anti-drug detachment to the anti-drug investigation brigade Nimazi as a customs private police.

  In the event, Nimazi combined with the current severe anti-drug situation, briefly analyzed the work situation facing the customs anti-drug sector, and introduced the type, characteristics and hazard of drugs by the way of interacting, interacting.

At the same time, combined with drug cases cracked by the public security anti-drug departments in recent years, the local common drug hidden mode, new drug camouflage characteristics and the characteristics of smuggling drugs.

After the end of the lecture, Nimazi made an exchange of answers to the Customs Anti-smuggling police. By carrying out this event, it has deepened the understanding of the drug to drugs, and improved their ability to resist drug violations and improved the anti-drug law enforcement skills of the police.

(Reporter Zhang Yu) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share more people to see.

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Secretary, he only loves the city’s first talent theme, the long gallery, Jiangjin

Secretary, he only loves the city’s first talent theme, the long gallery, Jiangjin

Jiangjin District "Ziying Plan" talent corridor.

The Jiangjin District Committee Propaganda Department is the "Tianjin Eagle Plan" as a special talent brand in Jiangjin District. In recent years, we have urgently needed talents through extensive agglomeration, and vigorously introduce high-level outstanding talents at home and abroad, and collectively highly highlighting, all district The incremental improvement of the talent team, play more obvious, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support to promote high quality development of economic and social.

  The "Talents’ Friendship" theme chapter reveals the gradual evolution of the "talents", shape and righteousness from ancient times, showing the rich connotation of talent culture, the concept of talents in Chinese traditional culture, and use people’s wisdom to today’s talent work still have Important reference significance.

  Talent Work Map, Chongqing – Nearly the two theme chapter combed from the central and municipal levels, the important policy documents on talent work, the introduction of a series of talent policies, showing the concept of talent development, and policies The system is constantly improving, the work pattern is constantly being improved, and the vivid painting roll of talents’ strong strategy is more clearly presented. It is understood that Jiangjin District pays attention to the "Tianjin Eagle Plan" and "Chongqing Yingcai Plan", and strives to create a "close" talent ecology.

Ideally let go, the topic chapter of the battle, the topic of Jiangjin party management, the introduction of talents, talent evaluation, etc., and showing academician and "Chongqing Yingcai" representative characters.

  The last section of the conclusion – look forward to the future, Jiangjin District is also imposed on major strategies such as Shuangcheng Economic Circle, Western (Chongqing) Science City, the Jiangjin District, and long-term implementation of the "Ziying Plan", and vigorously promotes "double trick and dance" Project, implement the "6 + 4" talent team building "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan, and strive to build a leading, radiant southwest talents, to promote high-quality development, create a new chapter of high quality life, gathering the talents.

(Liu Zhengning, Yang Gang, Zhang Wenbo) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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Spring breeze is like a guest, a bustling

Spring breeze is like a guest, a bustling

Zuozgou in Zhaolou, Zhengzhou, burns Yulin.Gao Fu Sheng Photographs Zhengzhou February 28 (Shang Ming "Natural circles are thrown in the scene: the spring breeze is like a guest, and it is bustling.

To sweep thousands of mountains, I will return to Wan Guo.As the weather is warming, the breath of spring is getting thorough.Zhengzhou Shangliu District, Park Square, Riverside Garden, "Tree Branch branches are as distant"."The peach blossom is open is not the Lord, cute deep red reflection." In addition to peach blossom, apricot flower, magnolia, welcome spring flowers are also fighting first, the general red violent flute.

Take advantage of spring days, many citizens go out of their houses, travel between peach and red, and enjoy a good time.

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The payment of the college entrance examination is less than 40 days! New college entrance examination authority parsing

The payment of the college entrance examination is less than 40 days! New college entrance examination authority parsing

The picture shows the guests to discuss the "Opportunities and Challenges under the New College Entrance Examination". People’s Network Zhang Ruohe Photograph is this year’s main enrollment method. Deng Yi, director of Beijing Aerospace University Admissions Office, said: "This year we still implement a large-class enrollment, we are aerospace characteristics, so aviation space class is our most A large category of strong, in addition to information, science and libraries and librarious categories. These large-class settings are to allow students to avoid professional anxiety before college entrance examination.

Xing Chaolia, director of the Undergraduate Admissions Office of Harbin University of Technology, said, "We use the way to use ‘large cluster’ in the process of enrollment, because many candidates have less understanding and recognition of professional understanding when they apply. It is a platform for students to be given. If you feel that it is not good enough in the cluster, you can also apply for a major.

"In 2020," Strong Branch Plan "officially launched, focusing on national significant strategic needs, strengthening basic disciplines, innovative innovations to select cultivation.

Li Yanmei, the Dean of the Tsinghua University, said that Tsinghua University should "strongly plan" requirements, set up five collasses: the unmanifestation, Japan, the universal college, the micro college and the Jian Jian Academy, hope to pass this way There is a development in key disciplines in the country. For the book mode, Li Yanmei believes that "a great feature of the Academy is the exchange of dean and students, the communications between teachers and students, the exchanges between students and students are more convenient.

"The Director Liu Hongjun, director of the students’ choice for students, and Liu Hongjun, director of the Admissions Office of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, believes that there are main two aspects:" First, the principle of transferring the threshold, transfer to the requirements, the students enrolled in school, according to their interest , The application of the potential specialty is proposed to transfer professional applications; the second is to set the test subject for each professional setting, to respect the students who need the discipline, including the requirements of the candidates, according to the future development, discipline training talents Targets, etc. to set the option.

Wang Qiuwang, Director of the Admissions Office of Xi’an Jiaotong University, pointed out that after the new college entrance examination reform, the mode of adjustment has been optimized, and it is toned in a college professional group. It is the way to see which major in this professional group. Which professional is adjusted to adjust it. A college + a professional group is a volunteer.

Candidates will not have to hear this situation, and it is very advantageous for candidates.

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Qinghai as the first China International Investment and Trade Fair in the province of the province

Qinghai as the first China International Investment and Trade Fair in the province of the province

  On September 8, the 21st China International Investment and Trade Fair opened at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Qinghai serves as a guest province to participate in the event, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, and the governor of the Governor, and the 2021 International Investment Forum, focus on the "new international investment new opportunities under the new development opportunities", and with the Fujian Provincial Committee Deputy Secretary, Governor Wang Ning talks about communication.

  In the main point of view, the Chinese International Investment Fair is one of the most influential international investment promotion events that Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping.

As the new development pattern of Qinghai, active service and integration, it is to study the spirit of General Secretary of Xi Jinping to investigate the important speech of Qinghai, based on the important and special ecological status, geographical position and resource energy endowment, scientific positioning, and strive to build an ecological civilization. Expand the reform and opening up, first try first in carbon-up peaks, strive to build beautiful China, promote the construction of "all the way" and green low-carbon development; Salt Lake Industry Base, fully build a national clean energy industry highland, international ecotourism destinations, green organic farm products output; .

We sincerely look forward to the golden key at home and abroad to find business opportunities in Qinghai, strengthen cooperation, and promote the ecological protection and high quality development of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and create a better future. In the discussion, Xin Changxing on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and the Provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun invited Qinghai as a host province attendance.

He said that every time, Fujian is a further focus on the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping. In recent years, the achievements of Fujian’s economic and social development have been impressive and touched.

We will determine the determination, learn from the good experience of Fujian, and strive to go out of a high-quality development path with Qinghai characteristics. I hope that the two provinces will further deepen exchange cooperation and promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

  Wang Ning once again called the Qinghai as a host province to participate in the transfer party, and admire the achievements of the Qinghai in recent years in the economic and social development and ecological protection.

He said that Fujian is in-depth study to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping to investigate important speech, and promote high quality development.

Fujian and Qinghai have complementary complementarity, wide cooperative space, hoping that the two provinces are bonded by the Silk Road, with a platform such as the project, and continuously expand cooperation around the construction of the ecological civilization, digital economic development, clean energy development and utilization. The field and the effectiveness of cooperation.

  During Xiamen, Xinshu Star also went to the Qingdian Community in Siming District, and the Lake visited the community governance, environmental protection and comprehensive management. Deputy Governor Yang Fengchun participated in the above activities.

Guo Ningning, deputy governor of Fujian Province, deputy secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, and Huang Wenhui, etc. of Mayor Huang Wenhui. (Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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Shijiazhuang police knocked out two "black gas stations"

Shijiazhuang police knocked out two "black gas stations"

  "Golden Shield Storm" strictly rectified the series of special actions into the "Qing polish" stage, Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau Yuhua Branch continued to increase the fight against "black refueling" station, within one day, Yuhua police knocked out two " "The black gas station" and criminal detention have 5 suspects.

  On the morning of October 13, the Yuhua Road Criminal Police Squadron in Yuhua Public Security Bureau received a clue. Some people have illegally sell gasoline in a company in a suburban county. The amount involved is huge. The police immediately launched the work, and the suspect was initially locked by the peripheral visit, forensic evidence. On the evening, the Siqin organized a number of police officers to quickly attack, and they will be involved in the suspect Liu Mou, one.

  After the trial, Liu Moumou has been in the first half of 2020. In the case of the "Dangerous Chemical Business License", he hired a certain amount of criminal facts that used to sell gasoline as a fracture, and illegally profit more than 50 million yuan. Dish. Liu Moumou explained, because he saw the business of the gas station, and the fuel worker cherished his job very much. She also said to him many times. If the gas station is obvious, she can have a long time. Go on. On the afternoon, Yuhua Public Security Branch Jianchong squadron found that an over-range operation of an oil storage near a village in a certain area of ??the provincial capital, retail gasoline from private car owners. The police immediately attacked, and the three suspects of Yan Mou, Zhang Mou, Zhang, such as Zhang Mou, Zhang, Zhang and other three criminal suspects will be arrested.

After the information, Yan Moumou is confirmed by the fact that the criminal facts of more than 500,000 yuan in the year of 2019.

  At present, Liu Moumou, Yi Mou, Yan Mou, Zhang Mou, Zhang 5 people were criminally detained by the Yuhua police by the Yuhua police for suspected illegal operations, the case is under further investigation.

(Reporter Liu Ximin).

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Tencent United Wide Area Mingdao Construction Industry Interconnected New Ecology

Tencent United Wide Area Mingdao Construction Industry Interconnected New Ecology

  People’s Network Chongqing August 25th (Hu Hong) On the 25th, during the 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, Tencent and Geely Industrial Internet Platform Headquarters Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Chongqing, both sides will work together in industrial Internet industry ecology , Industrial intelligent collaborative innovation and other fields have launched in-depth cooperation. The strategic cooperation between the two sides, I hope to give full play to Tencent’s digital technology and ecological connection capabilities, and combine the rich supply chain management and industrial manufacturing experience in Wide Area Mingdao, with cloud computing, data intelligence, industrial data, industrial Internet platform, etc. For industrial enterprises, the industrial enterprises provide digital transformation, help industrial enterprises to digitally transform, to improve the problem of industrial enterprises, create new value, promote ecological cooperation, optimize industrial supply chain, and achieve industrial supply chains win. Tencent and WAN Mingdao will work together to explore new business models.

Based on Tencent’s C-terminating capacity and wide-area Mingdao in supply chain and manufacturing advantages, the industrial Internet is connected in series users, design R & D, manufacturing resources, supply chain, logistics enterprises, etc., and comprehensive use of digital marketing, intelligence Production schedule, supply chain association, flexible manufacturing technology, providing consumers with better quality and personality products, establishing connections and commercial closed loops between users and businesses, bringing fast and low cost to enterprises, and iteration, Fast response to market demand changes. At the same time, based on the in-depth understanding of the car C2M model, the Geely Industrial Internet Platform Wide Mingdao builds a smart marketing digital cockpit, intuitive, clearly displaying a personalized production and precision marketing process.

  Digital upgrades for industrial enterprises, cooperation between the two parties will join hands to help companies realize the safety production management of industrial fields, and all-round, full-time intelligent control, and significantly reduce the cost of operation. Both sides will also create a coordinate structure for intelligent manufacturing, strengthen the Internet access capability, and enhance the production and manufacturing performance of the cloud.

  For the ecological development of industrial Internet, the two sides will integrate industrial Internet server and vertical industry related design, production, marketing resources, providing a good development environment for industrial chain companies, and jointly carry out industrial Internet standard research and development, developers cultivation, industrial Internet Application innovation, etc., build digital industrial ecotropic circles around the industrial Internet, realize the improvement of process technology and production management. At the same time, the two sides will establish Tencent-wide-area Mingdao Industrial Intelligent Joint Innovation Laboratory, the normalization of industrial intelligence, and the application promotion.

Play Tencent’s advantage in platform technology, big data, AI, and enterprise digitalization, combined with wide-area Mingdao’s rich production-end scene, conduct project cooperation and industrial intelligence in industrial vision, production safety, energy optimization, process improvement and other aspects The joint solutions have incubated, and the two sides jointly put into internal and external resources, industrial mechanism model research results transform land, ensuring high quality output and wide application of technical programs.

  In recent years, Chongqing has actively developing industrial Internet platforms, and continuously promotes the manufacturer "on the cloud platform". By strengthening intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet support, you can guide enterprises intelligent development, and continue to promote traditional manufacturing acceleration to intelligent manufacturing of manual intelligence, robots and digital manufacturing.

  Wide-area Mingdao is the headquarters of Geely Industrial Internet Platform, which is signed by Chongqing Qijiang New District and Geely Holdings Group. It is committed to creating industrial Internet platforms from the automotive industry, serving the whole industry, based on platform-provided Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence Core capabilities, boost enterprises digital transformation and upgrading. Tencent Yun Chongqing Industrial Internet Base relies on the advantages of the new industrialized industrial industrial industrial industrial industrial industrial industrial industrial industrial industry, will provide assistance to the digital transformation of industrial enterprises in southwestern regions.

The Tencent and Wide Mingdao will join hands and will strengthen the integration of government, scientific research institutions, finance and ecological resources, help digital technology and manufacturing depth integration development, and promote the stability of digital industries.

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